About Digitalis

Liz Helliwell
BA (Hons) DipM MCIM

I am an intuitive website designer – I enjoy learning about you and then translating “you on a good day” into a website which people will visit, explore and return to.

I see websites as interfaces, and am gifted into translating your message into an effective website which is easy for people to use and helps you to achieve your goals.

I particularly enjoy working with people who have a different stance – who want to make a statement or change.

I can work “stand alone” but for me the best results come when I work as part of your team. This works particularly well for people who would like to employ an in-house web designer, and are committed to continuing improvements and development, but do not have the budget to take someone on full time.

I learnt to programme back in the 80’s when it was all about Basic. I see computers as just another language and so just another way of communicating, and I like to introduce my artistic leanings when I can to give an emotional connection and therefore a stronger experience.

Away from work I am a performance poet, author and inspirational speaker. I also design jewellery, paint, and am re-learning to play the piano. I’m extremely interested in current research into the brain and “brain retraining”.

I am Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, an Associate Member of the Professional Speakers Association, and a Supporter of the Leeds Arts and Minds Network.